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DataParser supports new features in Zoom, Slack and Webex

October 13, 2022

New versions of DataParser for Slack, Webex and Zoom are now available.  17a-4 continues to add new features to DataParser to support the latest released versions of supported data sources.   

17a-4’s DataParser, the leading independent connector solution to collect and format third party data for archiving and eDiscovery, continues to add features to major interfaces.  Slack, Webex and Zoom modules have all been updated to include the last features and releases.  As data source partners, like Zoom, Salesforce and Cisco enhance their platforms with new features, 17a-4 is committed to providing support.

“Compliance teams need to manage feature rollouts on platforms their using to conduct business.  If content from chat and collaboration platforms cannot be captured, Compliance can’t signoff and users are restricted from using new features.  Our goal is to capture all the content so DataParser clients can use the latest features on their chosen platform.” said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner of 17a-4.

17a-4 works closely with integration partners to keep in step with new features.  DataParser engineers have streamlined the development and testing of new features to ensure continuous updates.  DataParser is deployed for small, mid-size and Enterprise clients with global deployments capturing millions of messages a day.  DataParser’s testing and support teams work closely with client IT and Compliance teams to help manage feature testing and rollouts.

DataParser is an independent solution that supports delivery to multiple locations including Microsoft 365, EV, Proofpoint, Mimecast, Archive360, Cryoserver and many other archive and eDiscovery platforms.  Supported data sources include Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Symphony, Yammer, SharePoint and more.  Data types include chats, meetings, documents, data feeds, collaboration platforms and databases.  DataParser has no impact on the collected data source networks or destination archives.  Users’ chat and collaboration activities are not disrupted by the DataParser’s processes and Compliance officers do not have to make changes to eDiscovery procedures.  All ingested data sources are fully indexed and searchable via typical eDiscovery queries in the archive or eDiscovery platform.

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet Compliance, Legal, Security and IT requirements.  On-premise and cloud plans are available.  For more information.