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17a-4 offers Hybrid Suite to help regulated organizations manage complex archiving and eDiscovery requirements

February 08, 2023

To support clients that manage multiple locations for data compliance, 17a-4 offers Hybrid Suite.  This bundles products and services typically purchased by larger, regulated organizations.

17a-4, LLC, offers a suite of services and products for complex archiving and eDiscovery environments called Hybrid Suite.  Large institutions now require a complex architecture of compliance archives, eDiscovery platforms, supervisory systems and text analytics creating what we refer to as a hybrid model for data compliance.  To support this complexity, 17a-4 has developed our Hybrid Suite offering to give institutions the flexibility to support all of their retention requirements.

Whereas, 20 years ago, only SEC-regulated institutions archived email and other compliance records.   Now, virtually all institutions have either regulatory or policy requirements to archive.  These range from schools or government agencies capturing Zoom meetings, to pharmaceutical companies capturing IP research using Slack or Microsoft Teams, or healthcare organizations capturing HIPAA-compliant patient communications.  Large financial institutions work with many different regulatory agencies including the SEC, FINRA, FCA, FCAC and ESMA.  Each regulator has different messaging and electronic compliance requirements which include such disparate requirements as trade reconstruction incorporating voice and FINRA’s 3110.

17a-4, a leader in e-messaging compliance, announces their Hybrid Suite which is designed to accommodate this complex topography of technical needs and regulations.  The Suite includes:

  • Capture of content from platforms such as Microsoft’s Teams, Cisco’s Webex, Salesforce’s Slack and Quip, Zoom, Bloomberg, Symphony, Refinitiv’s Eikon Messenger for a single DataParser license price and with no additional licensing to send that content to as many other repositories as required.  Thus, a client can capture Zoom and send to Microsoft’s 365, Google Vault or Veritas’ EnterpriseVault.
  • The DataParser currently interfaces with virtually all archiving platforms using many different delivery models. It also integrates with a client’s Active Directory so that it can recognize which employee’s messaging content should be delivered to which output destinations.
  • For destinations which cannot handle large file attachments or meeting audio or video, the DataParser will store the attachment in Microsoft’s Azure Blob storage but incorporate a link into the message so that the full meeting information can be easily retrieved.
  • Also included is 17a-4’s leading eDisclaimer Service which allows for the incorporation of a hyperlinked disclaimer. This allows a simple link to be incorporated into email, Webex and Zoom presentations and even text messaging.

“The Hybrid Suite,” offers Tom Sinistore, Vice President of Sales, “addresses the many requirements we find with our large clients.  As good as the archiving platforms are today, they simply cannot handle all the requirements of an international institution.”  Tom continues, “And in today’s legal and regulatory environment, you want the identical content to go into each destination without additional licensing fees whether Bloomberg, Zoom, Teams, text or other source content.”

17a-4’s Hybrid Suite ( is available for an additional 25% above standard DataParser license pricing.

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet Compliance, Legal, Security and IT requirements.  On-premises and cloud plans are available.  For more information.