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Features, features, features!

August 15, 2023

Between feature requests from clients and new features being rolled out in supported data sources, we are continuously improving DataParser! 


As always, we are client driven in our approach.  Clients can submit feature requests for formatting, processing and operational changes to DataParser at any time.  As long as technically possible, we will include each request in the next release.  This client collaboration has helped us develop DataParser into the most flexible data connector on the market; with a myriad of configuration and integration options and the ability to deploy in cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments.


Check out the latest batch of features…



  • Implemented new API to collect captions/transcripts.
  • Implemented new API to capture participants from Zoom Team Chat.


  • Collection of Q&A Meeting Messages/ in-meeting Q&A chats.
  • Option to select between public application token option and custom application token option.
  • Q&A Meeting instances; questions that go unanswered are now marked as such.
  • Additional feature that allows the limiting of size of attachments that come down from the Webex API.

Microsoft Teams DataParser

  • Added a feature to capture attachment references for large files that cannot be ingested by the destination archive.
  • Added Image Filter Settings so specific URLs can be blocked to NOT download Teams images.


  • Implemented collection of Slack canvas, a new surface where teams can create, organize and share essential information.
… and see them in action!



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