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Happy Compliance Officer Day!

September 26, 2023

17a-4 LLCToday is Compliance Officer Day.  A day to celebrate Compliance teams and all the hard work they do!


Since 2016 National Compliance Officer Day is celebrated to bring recognition to the hard work of compliance teams.  Compliance officers make sure their organizations obey external and internal regulations.  It’s a complicated and often thankless job that deserves some recognition and appreciation.

It’s a rapidly changing regulatory landscape that compliance teams must navigate to ensure their organizations are operating within the bounds of rules and regulations while still offering their employees and customers any possible advantage in their work and markets.  That quite a balancing act!

So why not take a moment to tell your compliance officers you appreciate their skills and efforts!  Shoot an email, send an emoji, @ them on social – however you choose, show your support!



Thank You Compliance Officers!