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Law Department Desktop and 17a-4 llc provide hosted SEC compliance for office documents

August 14, 2013

17a-4 and Law Department Desktop have teamed up to provide 17a-4 DeskTop™, a facility for financial institutions to retain documents conforming to SEC Rule 17a-4 and other retention regulations.  The facility is hosted in the cloud in a SAS 70 Type II datacenter on Microsoft SharePoint™ servers. August 14, 2013 – Millbrook, NY – 17a-4 […]

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90 day trials of DataParser for Cisco’s Jabber™

July 30, 2013

17a-4 is now offering free 90-day trials of their DataParser software for Cisco’s Unified Communications platform with Jabber technology.  The DataParser for Jabber software captures messaging and formats the content for ingestion into an SEC-compliant archive.   July 30, 2013 – Millbrook, NY – 17a-4 llc, a compliance services and software firm, is offering extended […]

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17a-4, llc’s division releases EMRM Table v2.0

May 30, 2013 has updated the EMRM Table with release v2.0 to include Social Media. The EMRM is used as the industry standard for tagging content to enable e-discovery. May 30, 2013 Millbrook, NY – In conjunction with leading e-discovery partners and corporate clients, 17a-4’s division has released an enhanced version of the Electronic Messaging Reference […]

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17a-4’s DataParser offers customizable modules for compliance

April 30, 2013

The DataParser is designed to facilitate modular development to continually extend interface support. Communication platforms and database systems can become compliant with custom developed DataParser modules that integrate with existing infrastructures. 17a-4 llc is continuing to enhance the DataParser™ with custom developments for message and database platforms. The DataParser’s lightweight, streamlined structure enables easy module […]

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17a-4, llc now provides Monitoring Services for archive management

March 28, 2013

17a-4’s Monitor Services program provides for a “hands off” approach to archive governance. Companies that use 17a-4’s Monitor™ software and services can leave the daily management of their archive to certified 17a-4 archive engineers. March 27, 2013 Millbrook, NY — 17a-4 llc’s software and services have been used by leading institutions, since 2001, to cost […]

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17a-4, llc’s DataParser™ for SQL at Fortune 500 companies

January 30, 2013

Jan. 30, 2013 Millbrook, NY — 17a-4’s latest software release, DataParser for SQL, has now been successfully installed in Fortune 500 companies seeking compliance. 17a-4 llc is an e-messaging compliance and litigation firm with a focus on compliance technology and software development. They design and implement solutions for institutions required to adhere to regulatory requirements […]

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EMC Releases and Fixed Issues

December 27, 2012

Product Updates & Releases: EMC has released updates to SourceOne’s Email Management and  Supervisor.  These include hot fix lists and changes to features. The complete release documents: SourceOne Email Management 6.8 SP2 Release Notes SourceOne Email Supervisor 6.6 SP1 Release Notes For quick reference: SourceOne 6.8 SP1 and 6.8 SP2 New Features Supervisor 6.6 SP1 […]

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17a-4’s DataParser™ for Cloud Services

November 28, 2012

17a-4, llc Announces the DataParser™ for Cloud Services The DataParser ™, 17a-4, llc’s leading software to capture messaging content for archive, now works with cloud based archival services.  The DataParser for Cloud Services captures and formats the e-messaging / collaboration content and transfers it to a hosted email archive service. November 27, 2012  Millbrook, NY […]

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17a-4’s DataParser™ for SQL Capture

October 25, 2012

17a-4, llc Announces DataParser™ Software for SQL Capture 17a-4’s DataParser™ is leading capture software supporting virtually all third party message platforms (Microsoft Lync®, Bloomberg® BlackBerry® etc.).  17a-4 has developed the DataParser™ for SQL that collects and formats data from Microsoft SQL and other databases that employ ODBC. For the first time, this allows institutions to […]

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17a-4 llc announces Phyllis L. Elin

September 19, 2012

17a-4 llc announces the addition of Phyllis L. Elin to their division.  Ms. Elin’s extensive experience in Records Management provides 17a-4 clients expanded Compliance and e-Discovery expertise.     Sept. 19, 2012 (Millbrook, NY) – Phyllis L. Elin has joined, a division of 17a-4 llc, as a Regulatory Compliance Officer and Managing Director.  As […]

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