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17a-4 releases Cisco Webex DataParser in general availability

April 20, 2021

17a-4’s DataParser software now support Cisco Webex Message.  DataParser allows Cisco’s Webex chat clients to bring their chats and shared files into any compliance archive. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC has released Cisco Webex DataParser into general availability.  DataParser is a leading independent compliance solution to bring third-party data into any archive.  Cisco’s Webex Message […]

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17a-4, LLC joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

March 03, 2021

17a-4’s DataParser integrates with Microsoft Information Governance to send third-party data into Microsoft 365 archive for retention and eDiscovery. 17a-4, LLC, a global compliance software and services company, has joined Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA). 17a-4’s DataParser is one of the leading middleware connectors for bringing regulated third-party data into an archive or eDiscovery platform. […]

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Managing External Links for SEC Compliance

February 17, 2021

External links represent both the power of the Internet and a significant regulatory compliance challenge.  Compliance officers must have compliance policies and disclaimers in place to clearly state their institution’s position with respect to the responsibility for content of linked sites on websites, emails and marketing documents. 17a-4, LLC works with compliance teams to help […]

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DataParser adds Support for External User in Microsoft Teams Meetings

January 06, 2021

DataParser adds support for external users with tagging and collection of chats and files.  As Microsoft Teams has become a major platform for communication and collaboration, it is important for regulated institutions to be able to identify external users and what information was shared during the meeting.  17a-4, LLC’s DataParser is widely used to capture […]

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17a-4’s Annual e-Disclaimer Sale is going on now through 2021

December 16, 2020

e-Disclaimer is on sale now through February 2021. 50% off a fully compliant hyperlinked email disclaimer service. 17a-4’s e-Disclaimer is a hyperlinked email disclaimer service with a managed repository.  Now and through February of 2021, all e-Disclaimer fees are discounted by 50%.  e-Disclaimer provides the legal protection required for corporate emails, removes the burden to […]

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17a-4 LLC’s DataParser offers Scalable, Multi-Server Architecture for Enterprise Clients

November 17, 2020

17a-4 announces DataParser’s Multi-Server feature for scalable architecture. This offering represents the next generation of throughput processing and datacenter security for DataParser.  Millbrook, NY – 17a-4’s DataParser is the leading, independent middleware tool for institutions to capture content from online meetings and enterprise collaboration platforms.  With the growth of online meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams […]

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17a-4’s Compliance Suite for Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage now available

October 27, 2020

17a-4 now offers a Compliance Suite for Microsoft’s Azure.  The combination of software and services lets financial institutions cost effectively bring records into Azure to leverage Blob storage policies and stay in compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4.   Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC, the leader in Rule 17a-4 compliance now offers a Compliance Suite for […]

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17a-4’s SharePoint Online DataParser is released in General Availability

October 20, 2020

DataParser has added support for Microsoft’s SharePoint Online. The new module of DataParser supporting SharePoint Online is now in general availability. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC has released SharePoint Online DataParser in general availability.  DataParser is the leading compliance solution to bring third-party data into any archive.  SharePoint in Microsoft 365 helps organizations share and […]

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17a-4’s Webex Teams DataParser is released in Beta for testing

October 05, 2020

DataParser has added support for Webex Teams. The new module of DataParser for Webex Teams is in beta and available for testing. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC has released Webex Teams DataParser in beta for client testing and feedback.  DataParser is a leading compliance solution to bring third-party data into any archive.  Webex Teams is […]

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17a-4, LLC shares DataParser’s Strategic Direction and Open Architecture

September 30, 2020

In response to recent acquisitions of competitors, 17a-4’s DataParser will remain independent and open to technical integrations.  DataParser will debut an open API in 2021. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4’s DataParser is a leading middleware product for capturing third-party data for archive retention and eDiscovery.  Two other companies in the middleware space, Globanet’s Merge1 and Actiance, […]

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