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DataParser is now on Cisco’s Webex App Hub

June 12, 2023

As a longtime Cisco partner, we are happy to announce DataParser is now on the Webex App Hub.    Cisco’s Webex App Hub is a showroom for partner solutions.  Apps, integrations, skills, and bots for Webex products are all available in one marketplace. As an integration partner, DataParser supports both Webex Messaging and Meeting data […]

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DataParser extends Microsoft Graph support with Azure AD services

June 07, 2023

DataParser has been developed to leverage Microsoft Graph for Azure Active Directory services.  Clients using AD for user filtering can enable security and user management with the new Graph integration.           17a-4 has developed DataParser to work with Microsoft Graph and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).  Azure AD services centralize identity and access management […]

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DataParser adding support for Zoom externally hosted Meetings

April 25, 2023

DataParser uses Zoom’s archive API to support collection of externally hosted meetings.  The chats can be delivered to any compliance archive using DataParser. 17a-4’s DataParser for Zoom supports new externally hosted meeting data collection.  DataParser is the leading independent connector solution for bringing data into archives.  Zoom is an all-in-one intelligent collaboration platform that makes […]

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Text messaging compliance and what’s next for DataParser

April 10, 2023

What’s Happening Text messaging data is the latest challenge for compliance teams.  Financial firms are tasked with bringing this new data stream in line with existing email, chat, document, and social media policies and procedures according to SEC, FINRA, CFTC, etc. rules.  Mobile communications in the Government and Education sectors are governed by NARA, FERPA […]

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Algorithmic Trading Compliance

March 08, 2023

While ChatGPT-3 and Generative AI is certainly the talk of Wall Street lately, even causing some firms to prohibit employee use < >, the use of machine learning technologies and algorithmic models by banks and trading firms for business activities is well established. The use of AI-based applications ranges from investment recommendations for clients, […]

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Solving the problem of large files

February 16, 2023

Should we archive our meeting and webinar videos?    Do we have to turn off file sharing in our chat platform?    What do we do about all these large files our users are sharing?  These are common questions we hear from clients.  Organizations want to allow their users to enable all the features of […]

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17a-4 offers Hybrid Suite to help regulated organizations manage complex archiving and eDiscovery requirements

February 08, 2023

To support clients that manage multiple locations for data compliance, 17a-4 offers Hybrid Suite.  This bundles products and services typically purchased by larger, regulated organizations. 17a-4, LLC, offers a suite of services and products for complex archiving and eDiscovery environments called Hybrid Suite.  Large institutions now require a complex architecture of compliance archives, eDiscovery platforms, […]

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DataParser supports delivery to Google Vault via API Import feature

January 31, 2023

17a-4 has developed DataParser to deliver third party data to Google Vault for Retention and eDiscovery.  DataParser can send any supported data source into Google Vault. 17a-4’s DataParser, the leading independent connector solution to collect and format third party data for archive retention and eDiscovery now supports delivery to Google Vault.  Google Vault is an […]

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Federal agencies records retention rules now apply to chats and texts

January 18, 2023

New records mandate issued by the National Archives and Records Administration expands retention requirement to include “email and other electronic messages” and details rules for automating. Electronic messaging, including chat application communications and texting, have become a primary form of communication in the modern government workplace, and this is especially true for U.S. federal agencies. […]

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DataParser develops support for Truphone text messaging

December 13, 2022

17a-4 has developed DataParser to support Truphone, one of the world’s leading innovators in eSIM, cloud and digital solutions.  The new module for Truphone text data is now generally available.  17a-4’s DataParser, the leading independent connector solution to collect and format third party data for archiving and eDiscovery, has developed the Truphone connector to capture […]

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