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17a-4 releases a new, versatile module of DataParser for another way to bring data into an archive

September 14, 2021

DataParser now offers an Email Relay module.  The new interface allows users to relay data from a mailbox into an archive for compliance and eDiscovery. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC is releasing an Email Relay module of DataParser.  DataParser is the leading independent compliance solution to bring third party data into any archive for retention.  […]

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17a-4’s Zoom DataParser is released in Beta for testing

July 07, 2021

DataParser has added support for Zoom. The new module of DataParser for Zoom is in beta and available for testing. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC has released Zoom DataParser in beta for client testing and feedback.  DataParser is the leading independent compliance solution to bring third-party data into any archive.  Zoom is simplified video conferencing […]

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17a-4 releases DataParser for Fuze in general availability

June 09, 2021

DataParser now supports Fuze. DataParser for Fuze allows clients to bring their chats and shared files into any compliance archive.

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Expanding DataParser with Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage integration

June 02, 2021

17a-4, LLC, a leader in e-messaging compliance, enhances the integration of its widely used DataParser with archiving on Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage.  Large files and recordings that are too large for email archives can be easily stored in Azure Blob. Millbrook, NY – The DataParser is widely used by regulated institutions to capture many types […]

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17a-4 offers Free Twitter and YouTube Post Capture to Email Service for Regulated Institutions

May 04, 2021

17a-4, LLC, a leader in e-messaging compliance, announces a free service for regulated institutions to capture Twitter posts or YouTube videos into an institutional email archive.  PostLog is easy to configure and support up to 500 accounts.  April 6, 2021.  Millbrook, NY – 17a-4’s PostLog now supports Twitter and YouTube.  Many regulated institutions have policies […]

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17a-4 releases Cisco Webex DataParser in general availability

April 20, 2021

17a-4’s DataParser software now support Cisco Webex Message.  DataParser allows Cisco’s Webex chat clients to bring their chats and shared files into any compliance archive. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC has released Cisco Webex DataParser into general availability.  DataParser is a leading independent compliance solution to bring third-party data into any archive.  Cisco’s Webex Message […]

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17a-4, LLC joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

March 03, 2021

17a-4’s DataParser integrates with Microsoft Information Governance to send third-party data into Microsoft 365 archive for retention and eDiscovery. 17a-4, LLC, a global compliance software and services company, has joined Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA). 17a-4’s DataParser is one of the leading middleware connectors for bringing regulated third-party data into an archive or eDiscovery platform. […]

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Managing External Links for SEC Compliance

February 17, 2021

External links represent both the power of the Internet and a significant regulatory compliance challenge.  Compliance officers must have compliance policies and disclaimers in place to clearly state their institution’s position with respect to the responsibility for content of linked sites on websites, emails and marketing documents. 17a-4, LLC works with compliance teams to help […]

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DataParser adds Support for External User in Microsoft Teams Meetings

January 06, 2021

DataParser adds support for external users with tagging and collection of chats and files.  As Microsoft Teams has become a major platform for communication and collaboration, it is important for regulated institutions to be able to identify external users and what information was shared during the meeting.  17a-4, LLC’s DataParser is widely used to capture […]

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17a-4’s Annual e-Disclaimer Sale is going on now through 2021

December 16, 2020

e-Disclaimer is on sale now through February 2021. 50% off a fully compliant hyperlinked email disclaimer service. 17a-4’s e-Disclaimer is a hyperlinked email disclaimer service with a managed repository.  Now and through February of 2021, all e-Disclaimer fees are discounted by 50%.  e-Disclaimer provides the legal protection required for corporate emails, removes the burden to […]

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